Hygienic practices are essential in all food premises.

Cleaning and sanitising are essential aspects of food hygiene, helping to ensure that food is safe for consumption and of suitable quality. But it is also essential that cleaning and sanitising products themselves do notĀ make food unsafe or unsuitable for consumption.

FitForFood provides information on cleaning and sanitising in food premises. It provides an approach and resources for determining the suitability of commercial cleaning and sanitising products for food use. This is done in the context of food law in Australia.

Cleaning and sanitising in the context of Australian food law + the role of Food Auditors.

Food law in Australia + key definitions

An overview of the Food Standards Code, responsibilities & key definitions

Identifying a FitForFood product

How to determine if a cleaner/sanitiser is suitable for food use.

Using products correctly

Correct product use and suitable food hygiene procedures are essential.

The content of this website has been reviewed by the following panel of experts in environmental health/food safety; thank you for your valuable assistance:

Andrew Davies, NSW Food Authority
Dr Andrew Mathieson, First for Training
Chris Healey, NSF International

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