Using products correctly

Correct product use

There is little point in having a food-safe cleaner or sanitiser only for it to be used incorrectly. This is because how the product is used is an integral part of its effectiveness and suitability for use on food contact surfaces. When using and storing these products it is essential to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Dilution rates, application modes, contact times and safety instructions vary from product to product.

Correct product use is essential

For example:

If a product is used with insufficient dilution...

…its performance may not be as effective/the residue may not be food-safe.

If a product that is supposed to be rinsed off a surface is left on...

…it may cause food to become unsuitable.

If a sanitiser is meant to be left on a surface for 10 minutes...

…it will not be as effective at killing microorganisms if it is rinsed off after 2 minutes.

In some cases, a sanitiser should only be used after cleaning. Sanitisers are ineffective on dirty surfaces unless they have dual cleaning/sanitising functions.

Clear and detailed instructions on how to correctly make up and use cleaners and sanitisers should be provided by the manufacturer, either on the product label or a product information sheet.

Correct dilution is important

Some products are designed to be used at different dilutions for different applications or functions. For example, a product may function as a:

  • hard-surface cleaner at a dilution of 1:10, requiring rinsing after use.
  • commercial sanitiser at a dilution of 1:50, requiring rinsing after use.
  • residual sanitiser at a dilution of 1:250, with no rinsing required.

Food premises

Finally, food premises need to:

  • document schedules and procedures relating to cleaning and sanitising activities and to check that these are effective
  • adequately train those undertaking cleaning and sanitising activities
  • ensure current safety data sheets (SDSs) and instructions for use available are available on site for all cleaning and sanitising products
  • correctly store and label all cleaning and sanitising products and ensure that access to hazardous substances is controlled
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